Why Your Sales Floor Is Quiet & How to Fix It

Why Your Sales Floor Is Quiet & How to Fix It

So somebody commented on how quiet your sales floor is. Maybe they are too quiet, and maybe they are afraid! Well, here’s how to fix it.

1. Too Much Administrative Work

Organizations fail when managers give their reps old lists with stale data and tell them to hit the phones. How much time do those reps spend dialing as opposed to correcting bad data? You can outsource this work for much cheaper than the salary of a business development rep, trust me.

Moreover, you should enable your team so that they can spend every second of their day executing selling activities. This means that your team should not have to scrape phone numbers or technology data. You should provide your BDR team with a list of direct dials matching your ICP, and they should all be working numbers by the way.

Another area where reps get bogged down is scheduling. What does your scheduling structure look like? Does your BDR team have a set account executive or do they constantly have to back step with prospects because your scheduling system is defunct.

To Summarize:

  • Buy Proper Lists with Direct Dials
  • Create an easy scheduling system and use software like Chili piper

2. No Power Dialer

GONE are the days when you could call an executive and have them pick the phone up 50% of the time. Nowadays, according to Entrepreneur.com, one out of 17 prospects will pick up the phone. And, on average, it takes 8 attempts to get in contact with a specific prospect.

Let that sink in. Just because you did things the old fashion way when you were a BDR does not mean that it is good enough now. You need to be better than the competition, and trust me, your competitors are not using desk phones and calling through the switchboard.


You NEED a power dialer. A Power Dialer is a software tool that ques calls up for your reps and distributes them when a prospect answers. This enables your team to be on the phones without losing momentum or energy. This also makes them better, simply put… they get more practice!

3. Call Reluctance

Now, this is the most formidable opponent to quiet business development teams. When starting out, or after a time away from cold calling, it can strike up aggressive anxiety to cold call prospects.

Call Reluctance has become an even larger problem in these open office settings, where everybody from sales to marketing can hear your cold calls.

This is why you must teach your team the art of shamelessness.

Challenge your team to stand up and cold call in front of everybody. A great on boarding technique for new reps is to have them try and order a pizza for free.

To Summarize, your business development team is likely silent for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Too much administrative work
  2. Inadequate Technology and Enablement
  3. Call Reluctance

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