5 Ways to Cut Through the Noise | Outbound Prospecting

5 Ways to Cut Through the Noise | Outbound Prospecting

Prospects get hammered with emails and phone calls every day. Hundreds of reps just like yourself bombard their inbox and telephone with the same generic pitch, and you need to cut through the noise and be better than them. This is how:

1. Do Your Research

Researching your prospect shows that you may actually provide some value. Think about how many generic cookie-cutter emails your prospect gets a day… How many of those people took the time to find 2 points on their linkedIn profile that they could relate to. The rule of thumb for this is to find two things in two minutes. After two minutes you get diminishing returns on personalization. 

Now, it is not always the case that the prospect has an online footprint. If this is the case, research the company, and better yet, reach out to several contacts from that same company with the same pitch. That way you save time while personalizing the message.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Inside Sales

I know how much easier it is to stay in the office and type or call all day rather than drive around. But trust me, walking over to a business and introducing yourself to the prospect in person has a much greater effect. Of course, this can only be done for those prospects in your area, so its no panacea.

3. The US Post Office

Since 2000, the number of emails your prospect received has increased exponentially, thus saturating the market. But, I guarantee you, that they have stopped receiving as many letter!

Take advantage of this and do what other people are not doing, even if it means spending a dollar here or there! Work with your marketing department to establish a budget for postcards or front the cost yourself, and once you have measurable results… expense it!

4. Gift Baskets

Top BDR shops these days have each rep kitted with a marketing budget and tools to utilize. One of these tools allows reps to send warm pies to prospects! One thing we know for sure here at Saas Sales Grind is this: anybody will take a meeting for a warm apple pie.

5. Other Social Media

LinkedIn is great and all, but its become a place riddled with sales messages and various pyramid marketing schemes. Your message is being diluted because of this. Try finding your prospect on Instagram and DMing them there. Now, don’t go getting creepy with this. There is a fine line between persistent and creepy, and that’s for your best judgement. We trust you. 

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  1. One way to also penetrate through to prospects is emailing their personal emails. Lots of executives in large enterprises don’t even use their work emails because they get bombared with spam and are made unusable. I got in contact with a c suite member at a 50b+ company that way.

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