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Hey {first_name},

I follow {company} and saw {employee1}, {employee2}, and {employee3} are all under three months into their roles and likely just starting their ramp quota. There are another {# sales roles open} roles posted on LinkedIn, so you’re growing fast.

Running your onboarding and ongoing enablement programs directly inside Salesforce will show which reps are ramping well and will give you the data insights you need to ramp the next cohort faster.

If you could walk into your next meeting with {CEO full name} with three ideas on how to ramp reps faster, would that be valuable? If so, I’d love to tell you more next Tuesday.


{Rep Name}


Hi {first_name}

I’ve worked with {position title} for X years now. I’ve noticed that one main thing they struggle with is {difficulty}

We’ve helped {X number of companies} meet {business objective} and {increase revenue/save time}.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk. I have a few suggestions that may help.

Thanks in advance,



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